Restore God’s House

On July 18th we had a little surprise. Shortly after the people had left the church from the 5 pm Saturday Mass and the parking lot emptied, a piece of the church came crashing down—a large corner section of terra cotta dropped 50 feet and shattered as it hit the ground. Fortunately no person or car was nearby. Only a large flowerpot was destroyed. smaFallenCornice1 The following Monday we got up close with a lift, cleaned up the site where the piece had broken away, and founded out that water, ice, and rust had pushed the cornice away from the brick wall, allowing the piece to break away under its own weight. We used this opportunity to see whether there were other pieces in similar conditions that could pose a potential hazard to people and property. Not only did we discover other such terra cotta pieces that could do the same, but we found other damage and potential hazards that need addressing. Engineering Survey of the Church Building ($10,000) identified three types of repairs:
    1. Emergency Life-Safety Repairs;
    2. Other Temporary Repairs to Prevent Further Damage;
    3. Long-Term Maintenance Plan Repairs to put the church structure in tip-top condition.
  1. Emergency Life-Safety Repairs: TOTAL: $65,000 2. Other Temporary Repairs to Prevent Further Damage: TOTAL: $50,000 3. Long-Term Maintenance Plan Repairs (very rough estimates):
  • Full Roof replacement—$250,000
  • Full Repair of Entrance terra cotta—$250,000
  • Rebuild cupolas—$250,000
  • Replace front Parapet Wall (removed in 1992 for safety reasons)—$250,000
  • Rebuild North Tower including its parapet and tuck point—$1,000,000
  • Tuck point exterior of the whole church—$1,000,000
The costs of the long-term repairs are very rough estimates. We will be developing a plan for that soon. We think that now is the time to start fundraising for the long-term integrity of St. Mary of the Angels Church. We have started working right away on the emergency and some preventative repairs, although we don’t have enough money to finish that. Please consider an extraordinary donation to help us Let us all pray and work together to preserve and pass on the treasure of St. Mary of the Angels for future generations. Fr. John R. Waiss Pastor PS: We are looking for volunteers to help with the planning of the Restoration of St. Mary of the Angels Church. Especially needed are those with architectural, engineering, and construction experience to help with recommendations. Please email or call the parish if you are interested. Contact us at the Parish Office.

Campaign Prayer

Restore God's House -Save the Dome - St. Mary of the Angels
Guide us, Lord, as we work together offering our best in Your name, sharing our blessings as an expression of gratitude, and rejoicing in the opportunity to Restore God’s House. Guide us, Lord, as we work together remembering that all we do is for Your greater glory and honor, recognizing that everything in our lives comes from Your hand, and knowing that Your love is everlasting. Guide us, Lord, as we work together living our faith, trusting Your word, and believing in everyday miracles. Be our guide, Lord, and may the work we do always be pleasing in Your sight. Amen.

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Thank You

To everyone who reads this material, opens their homes to our volunteers, and makes the choice to help us Restore God’s House, we sincerely thank you. Not only for the financial commitment you are sharing on behalf of St. Mary of the Angels Parish, but also for your understanding that giving back − as an expression of thanksgiving − is part of being a good Christian steward. God bless you for your support, your prayers and your never-ending devotion.

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Contact UsFor additional information please contact the Restore God’s House Campaign Office by phone at 773-278-2644 or email at