Christmas in June

Dear Parishioner,

We have new leadership in the archdiocese that is directing all of us to become better stewards of the financial resources entrusted to us. For us at St. Mary of the Angels, we have set the goal to put our operations “in the black” by the end of the fiscal year at the end of June. With the grace of God and your generous help, our parish will reach that goal.

This past year, we made extraordinary progress toward eliminating the parish’s deficit and pay down our South Tower loan ($57,300 remaining). In addition, our parish and school has raised $88,000 for the Fr. Hilary Mahaney Scholarship Fund, half of which will benefit the school this year and half will be set aside to build up this fund for the future. Our portion of the To Teach Who Christ Is account has reached $31,000 to add bathrooms in the church. Also, we have begun to receive rent from Catholic Charities for the use of the old convent, which will help meet our expenses in the coming years. (PS: In August we will publish the full annual report for St. Mary of the Angels).

Yet, as of May 22, we have about $38,000 in the bank to pay $216,000 in outstanding bills for the parish and school. We are behind, in part, due to higher heating costs for the last two brutally cold winters (this year we had to pay $25,000 for heating cost beyond our budget for the 2014 winter and an additional $24,000 beyond what was budgeted for this year’s, 2015, winter). To help us make up the $178,000 difference (=$216,000 – $38,000), we ask you to please consider an extraordinary “Christmas in June” contribution. May God reward you for your ongoing generosity.

Cold and hot weather takes its toll on the finances in other ways as well, as bad weather often causes attendance at Mass to drop off. This means that our Sunday collections go down. Fortunately, God’s generosity does not drop off with the weather, but he continues to pour out his blessings upon us. Our tithe—the gift of the first fruits of our labors—shows our gratitude to God for all the good he has given to us, it acknowledges that he is the number one priority in our lives, and it shows him that we entrust our future wellbeing to his almighty providence.

So, if bad weather, vacations, or other circumstances ever keep you from coming to St. Mary of the Angels and showing your gratitude and trust in God, please consider online giving, where your contribution is donated automatically from your credit card or checking account. We appreciate those of you who are already doing this.

To set up online giving, click on: and start giving. If you have any problems, just call the parish office and Maria, Martha, or Gary will give you a hand.

Thank you for your ongoing support in our joint work of evangelization. I keep you all in my prayers and please keep praying for the continual growth of St. Mary of the Angels.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. John R. Waiss