Mercy For All Generations

Today is Mercy Sunday when we celebrate God’s merciful love for us: the Father promises to forgive all our sins because his Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, has died on the Cross and has now risen from the dead. Jesus Christ is the Incarnation of the Father’s merciful love. Merciful Love Incarnate! This is what gives us hope in eternal life in heaven.

Our parish has experienced God’s mercy too! Two and a half years ago one of the cornices fell off the church building. We thank God that no one was hurt and that no cars were damaged. God’s angels held the cornice up until everyone cleared out from the 5 pm Sunday vigil Mass. But this event helped us realize, after inspecting the exterior of the whole church with an engineer—the safety issues and repairs needed for St. Mary of the Angels. And the Holy Spirit then moved the parishioners of St. Mary of the Angels to raise over $1 million in cash and pledges. We spent $150,000 for emergency repairs—securing similar cornices, wrapping our cupolas in canvas, our north tower and parts of the façade in steel mesh—leaving about 1 million dollars for building restoration.

Last November we launch our For All Generations campaign. Our school and C.C.D. children have been praying for this campaign and have written to about 30 convents of priests, brothers, and nuns around the country who have responded to these requests by their prayers and Masses for this campaign, even sending us monetary help for our parish. During the silent phase we have added another 1.5 million dollars from about 60 pledges and donations. This means we are currently at 2.5 million dollars in pledges and donations for the permanent restoration of our church. Thank you for your prayers and for these generous initial donors.

With our $3 million Phase I goal within sight—which will restore the north tower, put new bathrooms on the church level, restore the façade, four cupolas, and parapet wall—we are making our in pew appeal for our For All Generations campaign.

We are doing this for our Blessed Mother, Mary, so that the church in her honor may continue to bless her… For All Generations. We realize the church was built over 100 years ago by a generation of faith-filled Polish immigrants. Now we wish to continue their generosity so as to leave this legacy For All Generations to come.

Besides telling us in her Magnificat prayer that we shall bless her for all generations, Mary encourages us that “his mercy is on those who fear him from generation to generation” (Luke 1:50). And since our Lord challenges us in his Sermon of the Mount: “Be merciful, even as your Father is merciful” (Luke 6:36), each one of us needs to show—with our gifts, talents and prayers—our mercy to others and to the church. Our For All Generations campaign is an opportunity to do just that… to show mercy and to further receive God’s mercy—God is never outdone in generosity.

I ask you to consider a generous and merciful gift to restore St. Mary of the Angels to the glory due her name. As you do, entrust your loved ones to Our Lady through the Memorare Legacy—anything you do for her and for the church in her honor she will remember and intercede for your intention.


Fr. John R. Waiss


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